Discovery, research, and education is a built-in fundamental element of our business model so that we are always producing campaigns based on the latest and greatest marketing and business development programs and models. We are committed to utilizing the most recent upgrades, the hottest trending applications, and most effective campaigns on the market. 


Our strategic systems are personally designed exclusively for you by industry experts and perfected by our consultants - professionals who are passionate about our ever-evolving new media marketplace. We have capitalized on the education available to us from global thinkers, leaders and world-renowned companies who have demonstrated national success. We optimize the strategies and systems we have invested into uniquely fit your company’s personalized resources and goals.​

Influence Results - offers integrated new media marketing solutions that empower business owners with the tools and strategic systems required to stay ahead. Our consistently effective and personalized packages will allow you to master social media techniques and online business development applications that will organize, enhance and update any business marketing plan.


At Influence Results, we are focused on creating strategic solutions that provide professionals, companies, celebrities, bands, and products a way to keep up in an ever-changing marketplace. Our consultants are dedicated to helping our clients gain and maintain influence within each of their diverse industries by consistently engaging with and promoting their persona, service/product and/or brand to an audience that is interested, involved and influential.