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With such an impressive and ever-growing pool of talent in Denver, our firm helps a vast array of clientele by optimizing our local network of independent contractors. We create affordable solutions for those who choose to work with us by also supporting local talent; providing them with the ability to focus on their expertise while we support them with new client projects, product development, financial augmentation, and marketing. This business-scape allows us to provide a win-win relationship between our clients and the local community. We are here as a simple and singular point of contact to connect the dots between all of the great minds that go into supporting our client's needs and growth.  


Step 1. 


Our lead consultant will meet with new clients to strategically brainstorm the work flow of potential projects. 



Step 2. 


A team of industry professionals will collaborate to research competition, inbond marketing options, and estimate financial scope.


Step 3. 


An account representative will reach out to potential independent contractors for budget and time estimates and create a plan of action.


Step 4. 


A selection of qualified professionals will be assigned the assorted required projects and your goals will start to become a reality!



We are a progressive, technologically savvy firm that passionately embraces innovation and advanced new media and business solutions. 


While we love to push the limits though, we know that some firms still need help creating a strong foundation.


With our large network and expansive background, we are prepared to support both small-startups as well as larger corporation consulting. Our unique business model allows us to tailor our company resources to meet your needs. 


Your First Point of Contact

Lead Consultant | Director

Erin has a n extensive background in business development and marketing and meets with all new clients first in order to help them design and strategically organize their business and marketing initiatives. She has an MS in Marketing from CU Denver and has achieved numerous certifications and designations in both business development, marketing, operations, coaching and negotiation. 



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